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GCP perceives social responsibility as a top priority and is committed towards the well-being of its tenants in their respective homes. To this end the Company does not only ensure the quality of its residential units and surroundings, but also provides high quality services to its tenants through its TÜV certified (DIN EN 15838) Service Center, which is available 24/7. 

The Company methodically tracks customer satisfaction and aims to respond promptly and efficiently to feedback received. GCP focuses on improving the image of its properties while adding value for our tenants, for instance by designing surrounding gardens, adding indoor and outdoor playgrounds, adding sport facilities, or polishing aged facades. Reflecting the special needs of the elderly and handicapped tenants, GCP continues to implement structural changes to facilitate their accessibility needs.

The social activities organized by GCP are of importance to both the Company as well as its tenants. These social activities bring tenants together, increase the community feelings and improve the Company’s interactions with its tenants. GCP organizes over 150 interactive events, from Easter-egg-hunt to Santa Claus visits to barbecues, sports events, soccer club sponsoring, children parties, etc., encouraging social cohesion and interaction between tenants themselves as well as between tenants and Grand City team members. Furthermore GCP also engages and participates in public local events organized by neighborhood partners or local communities in order to play an active role and get involved in the local community and its further positive development.

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