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Inspired and determined employees, strong leaders at all levels, encouragement of the individual pursuit of work/life balance – a main part of the Company's success relies on our ability to attract, develop and retain our employees. We believe that a diverse workforce brings value to the team and we constantly invest in developing and growing the value of our human capital. We set our people up for success and keep a focus on promoting from within.

The Company has put policies, operating guidelines and monitoring systems in place to support our responsible approach and ensure our employees deliver the contents of our responsible approach statement.

Business Ethics Programme
The subject of business ethics is part of our employee Code of Conduct. Every employee receives the company's Code of Conduct at the start of his employment contract.

GCP Academy
The Company founded its own in-house academy in 2014 which provides training & development. The Company offers high-grade professional and soft-skill trainings for managers and employees. Our training review monitors both the feedback of the participants and the benefit for the departments in order to ensure efficiency.

Employee satisfaction surveys
The Company is in the process of rolling out regular employee satisfaction surveys and explore opportunities for job enrichment across all departments. Our Service Center is already covered by the TÜV certification and as part of this process we have a formal questionnaire and feedback system installed. This is the quality standard the Company adheres to and the basis with which we have made good experience leading to higher employee and ultimately higher customer satisfaction. In addition the retention rate and ability to hire new staff is greatly enhanced using these tools and systems.